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泉州海大新材料有限公司长年生产销售、各种新型特效功能助剂 开口剂、EVA专用开口剂、EBSEBL EBH EBO PETS-4 HEEBS ZHH 油酸酰胺、芥酸酰胺、硬脂酸酰胺、ER蜡粉、PPA颗粒、蜡烛原料、增白剂、抗静电剂、增韧剂、鞋材爽滑剂光亮剂、塑粉专用流平剂和光亮剂、橡胶分散脱模剂、爽滑剂分散脱模剂、流平剂、光亮剂、抗粘连剂、碳酸钙活化剂、防沉剂、革表面活性剂等产品,各种化工助剂品种齐全、价格合理。竭诚与新老客户双赢合作,共同发展,共创辉煌!


● 用法:拌料时与树脂同时添加或先称应添加比例的助剂剂与几公斤塑料预混合好再添加,效果更好。

● 包装贮运:

Plastic dipping powder high Xiaoshuang slipstream leveling agent

Decentralized special wax, stearic, oleic acid, Quanzhou sea new materials Co., Ltd. for many years production and sales all kinds of novel specific functional additives opening agent, EVA special opening agent, EBS, EBL EBH EBO PETS-4 HEEBS zhh amide erucic acid amide acid amide, er powder, PPA particles, candle raw material, whitening agent, antistatic agent, toughening agent, shoe, smooth brightener agent, plastic powder leveling agent and brightener, rubber release agent, smooth dispersant demoulding agent, leveling agent, brightener, anti adhesion agent, calcium carbonate activation agent, anti settling agent, leather surface active agent and other products, all kinds of chemical auxiliary agent variety complete, the price is reasonable. Wholeheartedly with the new and old customers win-win cooperation and common development, create brilliant!

The auxiliary agent is mainly used in the PE thermal plasticity plastic dipping powder from the lower melt viscosity, enhance paint smooth hand feeling, significantly improve the liquid and curing powder coatings and dispersion of inorganic pigments, enhanced pigment and other additives and resin miscibility, avoid plastic powder agglomeration, adhesion, improve the plastic powder flow and the workpiece and the curing efficiency, improve workpiece surface finish, brightness, to prevent coating cracking and aging. PE thermoplastic plastic dipping powder using a wide range, mainly used in the basket (bicycles, electric bicycle), clothes hanger, wire mesh, sea fishing net, net hook, guardrail, road fence, refrigerator shelf frame, jewelry display frame, mower handle, garden process, anti-corrosion pipeline and other fields.

] usage: mixing with resin while adding or first call should add the proportion of additive agent and a few kilograms of plastic pre mixed and then added, the effect is better.

Recommended use ratio: 0.4~1.%.

- packing storage:

Products to drench the membrane paper plastic compound bag (lined with PE bag packaging, net weight 25kg, not with toxic contaminants easily during storage and transportation, should store in the dark, cool dry

Dry ventilated place, storage period of six months, six months after the test is still in use.

泉州海大新材料有限公司,专营 PPA加工助剂 酰胺类产品 塑料加工助剂 (老牌产品) 新型高效功能性专用助剂 爽滑剂 推荐产品 分散剂类 颗粒产品 等业务,有意向的客户请咨询我们,联系电话:13358597878

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